When the future comes to mind, we picture the most gifted young people posturing themselves with might bringing forth progressive change that shifts the paradigm of our world. 19-year-old entrepreneur, ambassador, philanthropist and film director, Croyce Allen, is the prototype for of our future leaders. The young businessman has accomplished some of what only industry veterans can account achieved. Exhibiting undying passion to give back to his Los Angeles based community, at only twelve years old Allen founded a Christ-centered nonprofit organization called Ambassador Children of Absolutes that provides his fellow youth with sanctuary and incubation to nurture a purpose-driven future.

Allen’s experiences are anointed beyond expression, however his humility precedes him. Having worked alongside Hollywood peers like Issac Ryan Brown, Raven Symone, Skai Jackson, Marcus Scribner, and been mentored by veterans Wendy Raquel Robinson and Yvette Nicole Brown, his exposure to excellence sets a bar so high his talents are inevitable. Despite a learning disability, Allen continues to preserve and lead by example being acknowledged academically and in Hollywood as an emerging behind-the-scenes and directorial professional.

A gifted director, producer, editor, videographer and actor, Croyce Allen, has only scratched the surface of contributions to his generation and has no intentions on slowing down. As he prepares for the next chapter of his undergraduate career, he displays a blueprint for his younger peers to follow with heart-filled philanthropic deeds and dedication to excellence. Each year Allen, alongside his partner and beloved grandmother Ms. Cynthia Keith, produces a Celebrity Annual Backpack Giveaway urging youth to self-motivate and pursue their God-given dreams as well.

Allen attributes his successes first to the Lord and his family, honoring his American and Jamaican heritage, as he benevolently accepts the challenge of former President Barack Obama to be accountable for oneself.